The KODAK DIGITAL SCIENCE Document Archive Writer, Model 4800 rapidly converts digital documents to an analogue format and media for low-cost, long-term storage, disaster recovery and access.

The Document Archive Writer and supporting software accepts document images from many digital imaging systems in Tagged Image File Format (TIFF). You can organize them according to your requirements, create an index, and write the images to film. Now you can purge inactive information from expensive on-line and near-line storage with full assurance that you’ll be able to retrieve and view it long into the future.

The Document Archive Writer accepts TIFF digital document images and converts them to analog images on 16 mm silver halide-based film in excess of 100 A-4 images per minute at 40:1 reduction. Up to 18,000 A4-size images at 40:1 reduction will fit on a single roll of film for storage that’s extremely compact. Microfilm is still the safest long term storage solution for critical documents. Microfilm easily converts back to digital images or paper paper images and retains image resolution and integrity for up to 500 years.

Key Features

Associated Components

About the Machine For Sale

The machine was purchase for a specific job that never happened. It has only been used for a couple of very small jobs and has less than 40 hours useage. Totally processed images has been about 250,000 i.e. about 30 rolls. These same machines were used to write all the scanned Australian Census information to Archive Media and machines that have written 20 million images are quite common.

All manuals, Archive Writer Casettes and installation CDs are supplied and replacement cost of similar machines is in excess of A$50,000.

Canon MS800 Microfilm Scanner

The Canon Microfilm Scanner 800 is a wide screen unit offering superior performance for a wide range of micrographic scanning applications.

Its A3-size capability provides high fidelity reproduction of large format documents such as engineering drawings and newspapers on microfilm. Plus its fast scanning capability makes it ideal for high volume processing or media conversion.

Increased productivity is supported by the MS 800’s excellent user interface.

This machine has the installed SCSI kit and can scan and print to either an attached PC and printer or over your network.

600dpi A3 Scanning

Featuring output resolution of up to 600dpi, the MS 800 sets a new standard for A3 sized microfilm scanning. The MS 800 comes with multiple scanning modes to best match your microfilmed documents including Fine, Photo and Greyscale.

Background erasure and Automatic exposure are standard features that further contribute to enhanced image quality.

Multiple Film Carriers.

This machine has installed the multi purpose carrier that will handle 16/35mm open spools, 16mm cartridges, fiche, jackets and aperture cards.

Rapid image capture

The MS 800 is capable of capturing an A4 document @ 200dpi in 3 seconds, or just 3.4 @ 300dpi.

Digital ease and efficiency

Designed for the desktop, the MS 800 features a standard A3 screen for clear viewing of detailed microfilm images- complete with the option of high-resolution A3 printing. Easy operation and flexible editing features provide optimum productivity.

The practical A3 monitor provides on-screen enlargement of all engineering or architectural drawings and technical designs, ensuring clarity even for complex details and fine text. This A3 format is equally advantageous for financial institutions, as bank checks can be examined clearly on both sides at the same time.

With a fast scanning speed of 3.4 seconds per frame, the MS 800 is ideal for microfilm and digital conversion. 90 degree motorized image rotation allows horizontal images to be printed vertically. Messages of up to 33 characters can be added to printouts for job descriptions, with the inclusion of time and dates. And image polarity detection automatically ascertains the polarity of both silver and diazo film.

Versatile utility Software

The Scanning Utility 800 Software is Windows compatible. It has an easy to use interface for making all necessary scanning adjustments. Images can be saved in TIFF, BMP or JPEG format. The scanning utility also provides a function for imprinting various types of information on the image data, including counters, dates, film address and user specified information.

The scanning utility allows you to send images directly to an on-line laser without having to save the image first.

Additional Information

Replacement cost of this machine with all the installed options would be over A$28,000. Included with the sale are all installation discs, cables and PC that runs the scanner.

Technical Specifications of Machine For Sale

Typedesktop digital microfilm scanner
Screen300 mm (H) 435 mm (W)
Scanning methoddigital scanning at 300dpi by CMOS contact image sensor
Maximum Scanning Size295mm (H) 432 mm (W)
Polarity Detectionnegative to positive, positive to positive, automatic
Lens MagnificationX9-16, X20-50
Film Typefiche, jacket, aperture card, 16/35mm roll film, ANSI/3M cartridges
Scanning Modesblack and white, black and white-fine, black and white picture, grey scale(2/4/8bit)(on the operation panel, only black and white and black and white picture mode can be selected
Density ControlAE, manual
Scanning SizeA3, A4, A4R, B5, B4
Scanning Positioncentre, left, A4 size 2-page separation
Scanning Areaadjustable border using installed framing kit
Focusauto focus, manual
Zoommanual, zoom key memory
Rotationmanual, automatic 90 degree rotation
Dimensions (WxDxH)612 x 600 x 760 mm
Weightapprox. 47 kg
Installed OptionsFraming kit, Greyscale Scanning Option

Companies have been storing their technical drawings and related documents on microfilm aperture cards for years. While innovative at inception, now storage and retrieval can be quite cumbersome and misfiled or lost aperture cards are commonplace. In an effort to eliminate awkward storage and streamline technical drawing access, many companies are moving toward digital workflows

Océ offers a complete line of products and services aimed at the digital transformation market. From wide format printers, digital archive software, and aperture card scanners, Océ has the solution. When it comes to microfilm aperture card processing, the Océ 3000 offers the optimal scanning, processing and cleanup. Productivity, coupled with ease of use and flexibility, sets the Océ 3000 apart.

Features of Oce Aperture Card Scanner

This machine has been covered by a full service agreement with Oce since new. This agreement provides for genuine Oce replacement parts, installed by Oce trained service technicians. As such the machines is as new. The machine has only done approximately 259,000 scans and for these machines that is a very low scan count. There are a number of machines currently in use with over 2,000,000 scans.

The sale included all installation software on CD and a Oce PC on which the software is currently installed.

These machines, which have only just been replaced by the 3050 model, sell for in excess of $45,000 new. The Oce View Station Software with batch processing sells for in excess of $3,000.

Happy bidding.

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