Overview Microfilm Scanning Services

Card Scanner

Providing the original documents were correctly microfilmed, the final scanned images will be of comparable quality to a direct scan of the original document or drawing. Scanning can be done in either bitonal/black+ white (B+W), or greyscale for very poor/low contrast images. An option is also available to output both B+W and greyscale images simultaneously. This gives the advantage of having a small file size B+W images while also having a greyscale image for additional clarity.

Scanned information can be supplied in many different formats. Standard formats are as follows:

  • TIFF (Tagged Image File Format G4 Compression)-the most used standard B+W format
  • TIFF Greyscale-Loseless Greyscale archival format
  • PDF which can be a simple B+W scan or can include OCR
  • JPEG/JPEG2000 for Greyscale colour images

Scans and index information can be returned on archive quality CD/DVD complete with search, view, print software which can be easily configured for network access and well as local CD based access

  • Historic newspapers on 35mm roll film
  • A4/A3 documents filmed onto 16mm roll film
  • Building applications where the documents have been filmed on 16mm roll film and the plans on 35mm roll film
  • Engineering drawing on 35mm roll film
  • Engineering drawing where one frame has been loaded into an aperture card
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