Digital to Microfilm

How is it Achived?

Archive Writer

By using our Kodak's state-of-the-art Digital Archive Writer we can convert up to A3 scanned images in the Tiff format (G3 or G4 compression) and/or text files (Word, Excel etc..) to 16mm, high-quality microfilm that is certified to remain readable for 500 years when properly processed and stored under controlled conditions. The Writer converts over 200 A4 size images per minute at 40:1 reduction. Up to 14,000 A4 size images at 40:1 reduction will fit on a single roll of 215-foot film for storage that is extremely compact.

What are the Advantages?

CD ROMs and tapes may decay within a decade or even less. Plus the hardware and software required to read them changes every few years or so (remember Wordstar and 51/4 inch floppy discs). Migrating information to keep pace with technology changes (digital migration) is expensive and involves risk. Your files can now be stored permanently on microfilm, protected from technological change. The digital images that are preserved on film can be allowed to expire naturally. There's no reason to migrate them forward. This lessens the load on hardware and system administration time, eliminating expense and inconvenience, while freeing up resources for forward-looking, revenue generating activities. You can feel confident knowing that the preserved images can be re-digitised and reintroduced into your system at anytime. The created Preservation Index can be imported into your document management system database to allow ease of image retrieval.

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