Micrographic Applications began its microfilm bureau operation in 1975, providing a high volume capture and filming service from its base in Brisbane, Australia. Today, the company is well known and respected for its reliable and quality work. It enjoys the reputation with its clients for easy communication and a willingness to help with any problem when and if the need arises.

Current Services Offered Include:



Our microfilm services include:
  • Microfilming to 16mm Rollfilm
  • Microfilming to 35mm Rollfilm
  • Microfilming and loading into jackets
  • Microfilming and loading into aperture cards
  • Processing of all microfilm formats
  • Duplication of all microfilm formats
microfilm scanning services


Our microfilm scanning services include:
  • Microfilm aperture cards (typically engineering drawings)
  • 16mm roll film (typically A4/A3 archive documentation)
  • 35mm roll film (typically A2 or larger drawings or newspapers)
  • Microfiche (16 and 35mm or combination fiche)
Kodak Archive Writer


Using our Kodak Archive Writer we are able to:
  • Accept bitonal Tiff images (G3 or G4 compression)
  • Convert them to images on 16mm silver halide-based microfilm
  • Transfer up to 15,000 A4 size images per 16mm microfilm roll
  • Load and write two rolls simultaneously for additional redundancy and efficiency
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